Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Trees

This year Mahoney’s Christmas Shoppes have more premium artificial Christmas trees than ever. These beauties are surprising life-like –– not like those ‘bottle brushes’ in the chain stores. And because they are pre-lit, you just hang the ornaments and you're done. No struggling with tree stands. No watering. No dropped needles. They're quick to set up and easy to take down too.

Advantages of a Mahoney’s Premium Artificial Trees

  • A 5 year warranty on the tree and a 2 year warranty on it's lights.
  • Fade and crush-resistant needles, so your tree will look fresh year after year.
  • Dense branching – like a real tree. Most artificial trees are thin, hence the “bottle-brush” look.
  • Durable hinged branches. No assembly needed. Just drop into place and fluff.
  • Rounded edge and sculpted branches with long lush needles on heavy gauge wire.
    (Low quality branches are just chopped off.)
  • Lights are guaranteed for 3 years or 3000 hours. And unlike some tree lights, if one bulb burns out the rest stay lit. All lights and wiring are UL approved.
  • Lights are wrapped around each branch to ensure they will stay in place for years.
  • A sturdy metal stand.

The Difference Between PE and PVC

Polyethylene trees (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) trees are both made of plastic but a PE tree is made of molded plastic, based on branches cut from a real tree. A PVC tree is all bottle brush branches made with sheets of plastic called plies. Almost all PE trees are made with a mix of PE and PVC. The more PE the more life-like.

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