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Feb5th 20141 comment

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Just back from our annual tour of growers in Florida, we have brought back some amazing finds! Every year we track down the newest tropical plants to showcase at our orchid and houseplant fest! This year, we continue to see amazing calatheas and aglaonemas with colorful leaves, anthuriums that are so glossy and vibrant they don't seem real (check out the variety with nearly black spathes! ), a treasure trove of cool ferns, tons of gorgeous flowering orchids, succulents in many hues, and, maybe the most interesting group of all, the airplants!

Trucks have been arriving all week, and we've been having a lot of fun putting together great displays to transport you from the Boston winter and into the tropics. We are doing lots of cool things with airplants especially, and the profusion of orchid blooms is overwhelming. We will have lots of staff on board to show you our complete selection and answer any questions you may have. New this year, is our "Design Bar", which will be stocked with all kinds of interesting things to make terrariums, air plant orbs, and driftwood gardens.

Do it yourself, or have us help you along… or just have us do it for you! You're also welcome to bring your own pot or special container for us to fill… the possibilities are endless. This promises to be a really inspirational event, so please don't miss it!

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questions regarding the stock

Hi! For the last few years, I have visited and purchased items during the Orchid "blow Out" I just love what you sell. Its for my nephew and his family. I was just wondering, since I have been on top of the dates like a "fine tooth comb" if you have any orange (orchids) I purchased one two years ago, and it had a Halloween name but I don't remember it. Doesn't really matter, because I am going to visit jtomorrow anyway to pu the present. But I thought I would ask and if you do, please let me know,.

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