How do I get rid of this moss in my lawn?

Apr9th 201412 comments

I’ve heard all the remedies, and there are a lot out there.  Some of them work and some don’t. Some may help, but not one is the solution. But like almost anything else, if you understand moss and why it grows, the solution gets a lot easier.

Moss in a lawn


Moss likes to grow in shady areas that tend to hold water longer than the rest of the lawn. That’s why you usually see it growing under trees or where the soil is more compacted. These are also the areas that the grass has a hard time growing. Yes, it likes acidic soils but it will grow in neutral soil as well. This is why lime will help but it won’t be the solution. Moss killer works well at killing the moss but it really does not cure the situation; it just gets rid of the moss so you can get to a good point to start over and work to prevent it from coming back.


If you’re under a big oak tree and you get less than 3 hours of good filtered sun and you have tried seeding and the grass just won’t grow there, then it’s time for a nice clean layer of mulch around the base. You’re in root competition between the grass and the tree… and the tree will always win. But if you’re in that same area and the grass just slowly gives up and the moss slowly takes over, then there is a solution.


What you have to do is give your grass a fighting chance. You see, moss, if given the chance will matte out over the grass and smother it, but if your turf is growing thick and vigorous it will smother the moss. So if you can keep healthy turf growing and mow it a little higher than normal it will choke out the moss. If you have a sprinkler system and you’re watering the same amount in the full sun areas as in the shade, this will make the shady areas more favorable to moss growth. Moss likes those moist areas that don’t dry out till late in the day.

Moss Max by Bonide

Moss Max by Bonide - This fast-acting herbicide (available in a spreadable granular form or water-based spray), kills moss, algae and lichens on lawns, trees, roofs, decks, patios, buildings, fences, walkways—all without damage to desirable plants. It contains no fertilizer, so there's no excess grass growth and it's easy to apply with lawn spreaders. The granules turn the lawn deep green and remove any green slime. In lawns, you'll see the best results when you use this in conjunction with good cultural practices mentioned above.

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Moss in yard

To Pete re: moss in back yard

I have seen on t-v (Create channel or Chan. 2) recommended to just let the moss grow - don't fight it.  Convinced me for my back yard.  It's soft, it's green,  it's in its natural environment, no fertilizing, no mowing.  

~~Moss max is just a ferrous

~~Moss max is just a ferrous sulphate monohydrate or sulfur. It can irritate skin or prolonged exposure to breathing the dust can be bad like any other dusty things like limestone. But I would keep my kids off it until it gets watered in and keep them away when applying. Another thing is the granular can stain things like clothes.

Thanks Mike! 

Thanks Mike! 

We had some trees down last year - which were allowing for excessive moss in the yard. Hoping the sunlight alone helps kill it off - but I want to give it a little "kick" with the Max. 

Embrace the moss!

Why get rid of moss?  It's soft and beautiful, tough, very little maintenance (no maintenance, if you so chose).    I'm trying to make more moss gardens, not kill it.  I like how the moss may go brown in the summer, but it turns green seemingly within minutes when it rains.   Neato!

~~Good point. Some people

~~Good point. Some people will embrace this moss, don’t try to fight what may be inevitable. Like I said if you have that big old oak tree that shades out most of this sun and you have been through this seed and reseed every spring you may want to try something else.


I am a big fan of daylilies and see several on your site that I would love to add to my collection. But it's a long drive from Providence to not even know the prices of your daylilies, and when they might be in stock at the closest location to me (Wayland). Please advise.

~~Best thing is to call as

~~Best thing is to call as close to the time you’re coming up as possible. Our availability in perennials changes so often that we may run out of things in a couple hours. But check out the Winchester store if you’re looking for variety they are only another 15- 20 min. up rt. 128 and they usually have much more.


I just drove over an hour to the Winchester location (as recommended by you) with a list if 12 daylilies  from your website, and they didn't have any of them.  Drove back empty-handed.


Have you heard of artillery spores? After researching on the internet, it is found in mulch. Found all these black dots on my house, sticks on like tar, almost impossible to remove.  Found in bark, something to do with the processing of bark mulch.  Looking for alternative dressings for my plant beds.

did I just kill my hard work

I put this product down and lead it settle for a week.  Then I dethatched and hand raked the front of my house to pull up all the moss and thatch that had grown in.  I have 10 oak trees in about a 10,000 square foot area.  After all that it started to get in the mid 40s at night in teeksbury ma so I pulled the trigger last weekend.  I rented an aerator.  Tore up the soil in those areas and did the Jonathan green calcium, starter fertilizer, and laid down a good coat of black beauty.  I feel like the seed bonded to the soil well but it has dropped back down to the high 30s at night here and doesnt look like its going to get over 50 here any time soon.  My neighbors lawns are looking green and lush and I feel like I just wasted 600 dollars of product?  Do you think the seed will be OK or should I plan on spreading another coat when it warms up more?

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