New Aglaonemas for Indoor Color Now

Sep7th 2012

Aglaonemas \a-glē-ō-ˈnē-məs\ are often called by their common name, ‘Chinese Evergreen’. These low maintenance houseplants have long been preferred by interiorscapers for hotels, malls, airports and restaurants. Even if you didn't know them by name, they are one of the most recognizable interior plants. There is a very good reason for this; aglaonemas truly are one of the easiest and most durable plants available. Some may shy away from owning an aglaonema simply because they’re considered too common. I’m here to tell you that these new varieties are definitely not your common airport aglaonema!

Over the last few years, an explosion of color and interesting patterns has created renewed interest in aglaonemas. I remember the first time we received a shipment of a new variety called 'Pink Sapphire' -- I thought to myself, “This is an aglaonema?”, I seriously couldn't believe it. In spite of my many years of experience, and all the plants that have come in and gone out our doors, these new varieties and color continually surprise me and breathe new life into the love and passion we have for these plants.

Here is a brief introduction to six new varieties I love:

Tropical Garnet Aglaonema Key Lime Aglaonema Lady Valentine Aglaonema

Tropical Garnet

Key Lime

Lady Valentine

Pink Sapphire Aglaonema Golden Passion Aglaonema Gem Series Aglaonema

Pink Sapphire

Golden Passion

The Gem Series

‘Tropical Garnet’ This aglaonema has a dark pink 'glow' about it. Its two-toned leaves add visual interest.

‘Key Lime’ Visually striking with its bold stripes against a dark, glossy background, perfect for those prefer a more subtle color palette.

‘Lady Valentine’ A stand-alone specimen – it’s bright pink foliage is certain to be a conversation starter when featured on a coffee table.

‘Pink Sapphire’ Celadon leaves appear to have been flecked with pink by an artists' paintbrush. Absolutely love the pink stems.

‘Golden Passion’ Unique and distinctive color characteristics on the leaves of this aglaonema bend outward in an elegant arch.

The ‘Gem Series’ With varieties such as ‘Sapphire Susan’ and ‘Sparkling Sarah’, this collection is sure to impress! My favorite is ‘Etta Rose’ with its bubble gum pink foliage complimented by a narrow green margin.

The easy-care aglaonema will give you years of enjoyment at home, work, and of course makes a great gift. Imagine the look of surprise when you tell the recipient that, “Yes! It is indeed an aglaonema!”

They’ll work great in most any light level, although you will want to keep them out of direct sunlight. Wait between watering to allow the soil to dry out to barely moist. Also be sure to avoid cold drafts.

There are abundant design possibilities with these gorgeous interior plants. I like to display the more colorful aglaonemas in some shade of [celadon or apple] green pot. The more subtle-colored aglaonemas look awesome in a red or rust-colored pot.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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