Time to Plant Cold Tolerant Herbs and Veggies for the Fall

Aug26th 20139 comments

Here we go again. It's that time of year when the veggie garden starts to look old. I've got some tired broccoli that isn't taking too kindly to this hot summer, and some determinate tomatoes that have just about given up the ghost. So does that mean my veggie gardening is over? No way! It means it's time to start my cold crop gardening.

Cold crops are veggies you plant now, that you harvest in late September through November to the first frosts, and sometimes even later. You can plant cold crops either from seed or as ready-grown plants.

Note the "cool season" and days to harvestCold Crop Seed Packages: Note the "cool season" and days to harvest

When planting from seed just make sure to look at the number of days needed between sowing (planting) and harvest to make sure you've allowed enough time. Some things such as radishes only take 25-30 days, and you have plenty of time to plant from seed. Some things such as cabbage can take 100 days before harvest and you might be better to forgo seeds and use ready-grown plants. And then some things like parsnips can be covered with hay and harvested all winter and into spring. There nothing like the winter parsnip; it gets sweeter in the cold (I'm thinking of a good Irish parsnip stew in December!)

Whether you start from seed or plants, now is a great time to get your cold crops growing.  No garden? Did you know you can also grow cold crop seeds in containers? I always do a bunch of spinach, leaf lettuce and head lettuce in containers just because it doesn't take up that much space in my garden. There's also a lot of things like micro greens and different types of Swiss chard or kale that you don't always find in the cell packs or pots. They are attractive too! Pop in a mum or an aster and you have yourself a nice fall planter.

If you ever need any help or questions with what can be planted from seed just ask us or write a comment below. We will also have a full line of cold crops in the Uncle Mike line that's starting to hit stores this week and there will be more coming as we come into September.   

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hot peppers

Love your bhut jolokia, this year was a bumper year. Do you have any plans to carry the new hottest pepper in the world the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion?


trinidad moruga scorpion

chilli addict;
Were trying to expand on our peppers for next year because of customer demand, especially the hot ones. We’re not sure yet what has been what has been confirmed and we probably won’t know until around December- January. Our grower is looking for Trinidad morose scorpion but often the seed price is too high in the first year or two, but was looking for this and other hot peppers. The ghost (bhut jolokia) we will have as long as we don’t have a crop failure. Check back early spring and we will have a better idea. If you have any other requests let us know we will try to accommodate.

Checking back in....

the growing season is fast approaching and wondered what chilli's Mahoney's will be offering this year (hot ones!)


fall planting

it too late to plangt some fall crops? Unfortunately, most of my gardening is done in pots because of lack of sun. I have never planted in the fall, but would love to give it a try. would my best bet be plants at this point? I would be interested in greens of any and all kinds and whatever else you think will grow. Never had a parsnip, but I'm even game for that. I have a 3 season porch that I think may work as we move into winter. I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you mail plants? thank you so much for your help.

fall planting

Ya your getting a little late for most of your cold crops, the only thing you might still get away with is some salad greens like spinach, lettuce, Swiss chard and maybe a few others. Some things you need to start planting in august and others you can plant as late as early October. But if your south of the city or in the city you may get away some things like the greens, just don’t plant from seed, and on cold nights you can move in to that porch and then back out to extend your season. Stay away from things like broccoli, cabbage, collie flower or anything else with a long season. We also don’t have a big selection this late in the season; I would call the store you shop at before you head in there. Plan on it for next year, it’s a great time for greens. I’ve been harvesting romaine, mescaline mix and other greens all fall and my Pac choi and broccoli is just around the corner, its worth the effort.


definitely a plan for next year. Thanks for your time & advice.

oh ya i forgot, we also have

oh ya i forgot, we also have lots of greens and other cold crops that start coming in in late march early april, thats our big season with the most selection so you don't have to wait till next year, thats also a great time to grow greens and lettuce.

Smart pots

Do you carry smart pots in your Falmouth location?

Smart pots

Do you carry smart pots in your Falmouth location?

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