What to do on a dreary, rainy day? Have a terrarium making party, of course.

Oct4th 2012

We didn’t let a rainy day dampen our spirits, instead, we put on some fun music and got creative! (Louis Prima always puts me in a good mood despite inclement weather!)

I invited all of the staff that day into the Atrium to design their very own terrarium, and gave a short tutorial on the basics behind open and closed-top terrariums (you can learn those basics here: How to Build a Terrarium). Then I stepped back and watched in awe as everyone made their own special and unique design. The diversity of style and creativity was certainly inspiring!

Here are some pictures of the designs we came up with… we hope YOU have been inspired to make your own as well. Come in and we would love to help you make one too!

Various Terrariums

Get creative! There are so many ideas to choose from.

Carnivorous Terrarium

Carnivorous plants are perfect for terrariums.

Mossy Terrarium

Funky-shaped containers are perfect to showcase soils and greenery.

Birdcage Terrarium

Cute accessories can add charm to a simple terrarium.

Various Terrariums

Emily, from our Brighton store, showing off their work.

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