Acer palmatum dissectum Tamukeyama - Maple Japanese Laceleaf Tamukeyama

A Japanese garden star!

This extremely vigorous cultivar of superior quality has survived the test of time. Long, cascading branches produce spring foliage that is bright crimson and summer foliage that turns dark, purple-red and retains its color even in hot, humid summers. In fall, the rediscovered tree's foliage, which is bold and more coarsely dissected than other selections, changes to scarlet. The wider-than-tall cultivar performs beautifully by a water feature or enriching a Japanese style garden




palmatum dissectum
Acer palmatum dissectum Tamukeyama

Common Name: 

Maple Japanese Laceleaf Tamukeyama


Sun to Part Shade


Deer Resistant
Fall Color
Foliage Color

Plant Category: 

Deciduous Tree

Hardiness Zones: 

Zone 5

Plant Terms: 

Foliage Color: 

Purple Red

Care Instructions and Growing Tips: 

Mulch at the base of the tree with organic matter to retain moisture, taking care not to let it mound up against the trunk.

Suggested Uses or Locations: 

Ornamental tree for Japanese Gardens
Rock Gardens
Patio Plantings
Planting Beds


As trained 4-6'

Water Requirements: 

Water deeply as needed, particularly in hot, dry weather

Soil Requirements: 

Moist, well drained soil

Growth Habit: 


Fall Color: 

Scarlet Red
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