Pyrus pyrifolia - Pear Asian 20th Century

A long-established, dependable variety.

Showy white spring flowers are followed by sweet, crisp, juicy round fruits ripening in sept. Fruit is excellent eaten fresh or canned. Requires a different Asian pear for cross pollination. Full sun. Ht. 8-12'.


Pyrus pyrifolia

Common Name: 

Pear Asian 20th Century

Flower Color: 



Full Sun


Pollinator Required

Bloom Season: 

Early Spring

Plant Category: 

Deciduous Tree

Hardiness Zones: 

Zone 6

Plant Terms: 

Care Instructions and Growing Tips: 

For top-quality fruit and healthy trees, spray with Bonide Orchard Spray during the growing season per label directions. Dormant Oil and Lime Sulfur May be sprayed as a preventive control for several insects and diseases in late winter or early spring.


As Pruned 8-12'

Water Requirements: 

Water deeply as needed, particularly in hot, dry weather

Soil Requirements: 

Fertile, Well Drained Soil

Growth Habit: 


Season of Interest: 

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