Easy Care Houseplants

While there’s no such thing as an immortal plant, if you’ve had bad luck before, you’ll be glad to know that Mahoney’s has a number of plants that are easy-care and very forgiving. Look for plants signs that feature our easy care logo. They include tried and true classics, as well as some brand new hybrids. Some of these plants are also proven effective at cleaning the air. Bonus!

Below is a list of plants we call easy care – but first consider these few pretty easy guidelines that will help redeem even the most notorious plant killer.

First, it’s probably not your fault.

No one is born a plant killer. Often the solution is as easy as selecting a plant that likes your environment.

Adjust how much you water.

Watering is a common reason houseplants fail. Oddly enough, too much water is frequently the problem. The wrong pot can also cause even the healthiest plant to expire. Check the care directions, or easier yet, ask us. Often it’s a very simple adjustment.

Don’t take it personally.

Relax. Enjoy your houseplant. See what you can do to keep it happy. But should the need arise bring home a new one. Most plants are not expensive. Many people routinely change their houseplants for the fun of it.


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