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Cooking with Herbs

Aug20th 20141 comment
Cooking with Herbs

It’s the end of summer and if you’re anything like me then you have more herbs than you know what to do with. My basil, parsley, mint and sage are growing like crazy and there’s only so much pesto you can eat before your brain turns to pesto. Here are some quick recipes that you can try to use up your herbs while still enjoying the fresh flavor profile that dried herbs can’t compete with.

Herbed Pasta Salad (Vegan)


1 box whole wheat pasta
1 cup olive oil
½ cup basil, chopped
½ cup parsley, chopped...

The Buzz About Pollinators

Aug12th 2014
The Buzz About Pollinators

Bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, bats, birds and other pollinators are some of the most important creatures. I must admit, I’m quite a bug and nature enthusiast, and find learning about pollinators absolutely fascinating. Whether or not you realize it, we all rely on pollinators to provide us with the wide range of foods that we eat. It's estimated that pollinators are needed for the reproduction of 90% of flowering plants and one third of human food crops. Planting gardens with pollinators in mind will provide these essential creatures with the food and nutrients they...

Janice Dempsey

Janice has worked for Mahoney’s since 2006. She works in our Wayland store and is an avid bird watcher, gardener, environmentalist, nature guru, animal lover and proud Grandma. Her fascination with nature and all the creatures in it started when she was very young. As a child she loved to share her...

Daylilies - the Perfect Perennial

Jul2nd 20142 comments
Daylilies - the Perfect Perennial

Daylilies are among the most carefree plants around today. Compared to many other plants their requirements are minimal and they will thrive in any climate.

Hemerocallis (botanical name for daylily) have been around for thousands of years, from ancient Asia to present where they are found in gardens and commerce around the world. You may have seen the orange fulva daylily in old gardens, along highways and in the wild.

I actually used to hate daylilies. I thought they were boring, they were dull colors, they’d only bloom once and then die back and I would refuse to put...

Debbie Martino

Debbie Martino is Mahoney's Perennial Product Line Manager (buyer). She has worked for Mahoney's since 1997. She is an avid gardener and most of her experience has been in her own gardens. She is a self-taught perennial expert and thoroughly enjoys working with plants here at Mahoney's and in her...

Using Tropicals Outdoors

Jun23rd 20142 comments
Using Tropicals Outdoors

We often think of tropical houseplants as being used exclusively indoors, but during the warmer months they work wonderfully outdoors too. Plants that have been indoors can be brought out into a shady area and acclimated to the outdoor lighting, and higher light plants can slowly be put into some direct sunlight. The best time to do this is generally any time between May through October, when the nighttime temperatures are not falling below 45 degrees. Tropicals also look amazing in container plantings. If you have never entertained the idea of how a rubber plant or croton would look mixed...

Sara Barrios - Mahoney’s Garden Centers

Meet Sara Barrios, blog contributor and the greenhouse buyer and merchandiser at the Mahoney's Brighton location. About Sara Sara grew up in Woburn and has 21 years experience in the garden center and floral industry around Boston. She is passionate about her job and loves plants...

Maximizing Small Outdoor Spaces

Jun17th 2014
Maximizing Small Outdoor Spaces

Living in the city as a young adult often means occupying spaces with limited-to-no outdoor access. For those of us who are inclined to grow things, that leaves few choices other than container gardening on fire escapes, porches, or roof decks. Whether we want to enjoy a few fresh tomatoes at the end of summer or we’d like to appreciate the form of a small ornamental tree, our options can be extremely limited. Tropical plants can – and perhaps should, if possible – be grown outside for the warm months, lending combinations of uniquely textural foliage and loud colors to...

Inspirational Annual Planters

Jun10th 20141 comment
Inspirational Annual Planters

I love this time of year. As I meander through our annual yard I am completely enveloped in this amazing technicolor carpet of flowers.

Annuals come in every color imaginable, and then some! And every year new varieties and hybrids continue to emerge, keeping even the most seasoned gardener excited to come in and see the latest and greatest shade of petunia or calibrachoa.

With all these options, the process of designing a window box or container planting can be a little overwhelming. What goes with what exactly? Thankfully there is no exact science to...

Sara Barrios - Mahoney’s Garden Centers

Meet Sara Barrios, blog contributor and the greenhouse buyer and merchandiser at the Mahoney's Brighton location. About Sara Sara grew up in Woburn and has 21 years experience in the garden center and floral industry around Boston. She is passionate about her job and loves plants...

What to do in the Garden Right Now - Late Spring

Jun5th 20142 comments
What to do in the Garden Right Now - Late Spring Edition

It seems like this year the season has kept cool longer, which is great for planting trees and shrubs. It means less watering, less stress on the plants and less work for us who are planting. This time of year is also great because you can see plants like Buddleia and Hydrangea in more than just stick form. I mean, you can see them fully leafed out and even in bud. I don’t know how many times I show people hydrangeas in April or early May and they give me that disappointed look, like “ahhhh, is that alive?” Well of course it is, it’s just what they look like in early spring. You...

'Uncle' Mike Mahoney - Mahoney’s Garden Centers

Have you’ve seen our herb and vegetable plants and wondered, “Who is Uncle Mike?” Uncle Mike is Michael Mahoney, one of the six second-generation Mahoneys. With a face full of beard and too-well-worn hat, Uncle Mike is a genuine down-to-earth guy. With a passion for...

Attracting Hummingbirds Using Hummingbird Feeders

Jun3rd 20142 comments
Ruby Throated Hummingbird by Jim Hendrickson

There is nothing more beautiful than a hummingbird darting around searching for nectar. Do not disappoint them by not having a yard welcoming to these wonders of nature. They have an astonishing metabolism that needs energy. They get that from nectar and get their protein and other nutrients from soft-bodied insects.

Ninety percent of their time is devoted to finding nectar so if you have one or more hummingbird feeders in your yard they will find and use them. The more feeders you have, the more birds you will have. They do not like to share so put feeders out of...

Hosta Alert!

May5th 20141 comment
Hostas in Brighton

The three gallon pots of absurdly huge and amazing hostas have arrived in Brighton! We are looking at individual plants that average from 20 to 40 eyes per pot!

Last year we contracted to buy a premier grower's aged hosta plants, that had been sizing up on their farm for several years. Normally, plants this size would be either moved up to a larger pot, or split and divided into much smaller plants, of between one and three eyes, and then repotted to grow on in one gallon pots. These newly planted divisions would be grown for several months, and then sold on to...

James Hohmann

James Hohmann is the general manager of our Brighton (formerly Cambridge) store.  He’s been with Mahoney’s Garden Centers since 1990, after graduating from Cornell University, where he studied landscape architecture and horticulture. His expertise is in perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, and...

Raised Bed Gardening

Apr24th 20148 comments
Lettuce in a raised bed garden

Although I enjoy tilling the soil like Uncle Mike, I love using raised bed planters because they offer more versatility. They are great for small plots of veggies, herbs and flowers. With these beds you minimize tilling, soil amending and weeding. I love the raised beds that Mahoney’s is carrying this year because they are high quality, constructed of 100% Western Red Cedar and handcrafted in the USA!

New England weather is unpredictable, and if an early spring frost is in the forecast, raised beds are easy to cover at night so I can get my love of gardening started earlier in...

Susan Mahoney

I'm an avid gardener, cook, and mother of three girls. I've had a lifelong passion for creating beautiful spaces inside and outside the home. My garden philosophy is simple: keep it fun, beautiful, and easy.