Mahoney's Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

With 51 years experience, we’ve perfected the art of finding the perfect Christmas tree. Here are the ten unbeatable reasons to come to Mahoney’s for your Christmas Tree:

  1. Every Tree is Hand Picked

    Mahoney’s inspects every tree for color, shape, density and health. If it’s not up to Mahoney’s standards, we won’t sell it.

  2. The Fresher Trees Advantage

    Most retailers have their trees cut in early October, but we wait to harvest until mid November. Our trees are over a month fresher and longer lasting. And our trees arrive weekly to continually bring customers only the freshest trees. Finally we keep our trees on moist mulch or sand to help keep the tree hydrated. Fresher trees means longer lasting fragrance and fewer needles on the floor!

  3. More Variety

    Most tree merchants sell just a couple varieties. Mahoney’s has up to 4! We have the traditional Balsam and Fraser Firs, but we also have you'll find premium Noble and Grand Firs. Why not try something new this year?

  4. Wide Range of Sizes

    Whether you have a vaulting cathedral ceilings or a teeny tiny apartment, Mahoney’s has the right size tree for you. Choose from teeny tiny tabletop trees to grand 14-foot tall giants.

  5. Easy Seeing = Easy Pickings

    Ever buy a wrapped tree only to discover the not-so-festive spots when you open it at home? Not at Mahoney’s. Our trees are displayed open and freestanding so you can walk among them and see them 360º. You’ll get just the right tree with no hidden weak spots.

  6. Free Clean Shake

    All Christmas trees will shed last year’s needles. That’s why we put every tree on a shaker before you leave, to keep your car and home clean. Once again, fewer needles on the floor!

  7. Free Netting

    After you select your tree, we’ll wrap it in netting to protect the branches and to make the trip home easier. Some retailers charge to wrap your tree. Bah!

  8. Free Fresh Cut Trunk

    Before you go we’ll fresh cut the bottom to allow water to absorb into the trunk. In addition to looking and smeller better longer, a hydrated tree is a safer tree. (See tree tips below) Some retailers charge a buck for a fresh cut. Humbug!

  9. Free Helpful Hands

    We’ll carry your tree to your car and help you load it on. Or we’ll provide twine and tie it to your car’s roof. Either way, there’s no charge.

  10. Excellent Value

    Yes, there will be mass merchants who sell “7 foot” trees for a little less. But when you consider that all our trees are hand-selected and fresher, and that we provide all these free services, we think you’ll agree that a Mahoney’s tree is an excellent value. Then again, for those Christmas tree aficionados we have rare and spectacular trees ranging up to $299.98. “Hello, Martha Stewart!”


How to keep your real Christmas Tree safe and beautiful

A properly watered tree is a longer lasting, safer tree. We start by giving your tree a fresh cut at least 1/4” off the base to remove the sap “plug.” Within 24 hours of a fresh base cut, place the tree in a stand that holds at least 1 gallon of water, and refill with water daily. Never allow the water level to drop below the trunk bottom or a new sap plug will form. Keep the tree away from fireplaces, radiators and other heat sources that could cause it to dry out. Also add tree preservative (available at any Mahoney’s) to the water to keep the needles fresher longer.

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