Sara Barrios

Sara Barrios - Mahoney’s Garden Centers

Meet Sara Barrios, blog contributor and the greenhouse buyer and merchandiser at the Mahoney's Brighton location.

About Sara

Sara grew up in Woburn and has 21 years experience in the garden center and floral industry around Boston. She is passionate about her job and loves plants and nature. She specializes in custom designs and container plantings. 

She also has a green cheek conure parrot named 'Houdini' (photo right) which she brings into the Brighton store on occasion.

Sara’s Garden

It's a combination of both sun and shade perennials, with annuals peppered in for added color in between bloom times. The sunny side contains summer phlox, rudbeckia, coreopsis, yarrow, euphorbia and stonecrop, and she's recently added a buddleia for its delicate fragrance and butterfly-attracting qualities. The smaller, shady patch of her garden holds a carpet of sweet woodruff and lysmachia, plus goat’s beard, astilbe and houttuynia. Every year she plants a window box filled with her very favorite flower, sweet peas. She describes the fragrance as "transcendent".

What Sara blogs about on the Mahoney’s Garden Blog

  • Creative container plantings
  • Seasonal tips aimed to inspire
  • Her personal favorite plants
  • Houseplant recommendations and advice
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