Planting Service

Mahoney's Planting Service

Our professional planting service provides expert installation of trees and shrubs purchased from any of our stores. With years of landscaping experience, our planting staff has the knowledge and the resources to make sure that your plants are installed properly.

Planting Service Guarantee

Proper installation is critical to the success of any new plant. We choose all of our plants with care and we stand by our work. We back our plantings with our 1 year guarantee covering plant, labor and planting material costs.

If you notice a problem with your plant material, immediately contact Mahoney’s Nursery Department.Please have your invoice number ready.

If the plant should die we will replace the same plant (if available) or a new plant of your choice at equal value. One time only replacement

Mahoney’s Planting staff reserves the right to refuse to plant. If the site is not suitable they will make every effort to recommend a better area. If this cannot be done, a refund will be applied.

Labor and Planting Materials

In order to give your plants the best chance of survival we will amend your soil to give proper drainage, moisture retention, aeration and nutrients. To encourage healthy root growth we also apply a root stimulating beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, along with Hydrogel to ensure good moisture retention. We also stake trees as needed.

Planting Service Fee

Planting service fee is equal to the total cost of the trees and shrubs being planted. A minimum purchase of $100.00 in plant material is required.

Example Planting Fee


199.98 - Plant Material


199.98 - Planting Fee


Delivery Fee - Priced by town

The planting service fee does not include the delivery fee.