Pink Double Knockout Rose

There is no hardy plant that flowers as abundantly, for as long a period as the rose. Roses can reliably bloom from June to September or even October in New England providing continuous pleasure. Mahoney's carries hundreds of varieties of roses that can be used in different situations in your home. Following is a basic description of the major rose types and their main function:

  • Hybrid Teas

    The classic cutting roses with long stems and elegant and tight blooms. Hybrid Teas comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors.

  • Grandifloras

    These prolific bloomers make some of the best shows in the garden. These roses are available in a wide array of colors.

  • Climbers

    Well…obviously they climb up trellis', banisters, pillars and along fences. But did you know that there are many climbers that will do well with less sun that your average rose. Check for these roses in the Shade Tolerant rose section.

  • Rugosas

    Also known as beach roses, these are the only deer resistant roses.

  • Landscape Roses

    Like roses but don't want to fuss over them? Landscape Roses are for you. Though not as showy or as fragrant as the fancy roses, the Knockouts, Canadian Roses, Carefree Roses, Easy Elegance Roses, and other hardy shrub roses look great in your yard with little or no care.

  • Floribundas

    The toughest group of roses after the shrubs. These roses are perfect for people who want an easy care plant with prettier flowers than the shrubs.

  • Miniatures

    Great for filling a small space or a pot on your patio. These small plants provide a lot of color in a small package.

  • Tree Roses/Standards

    There are not many plants as classy as a rose on a standard. Though not common this far north, there are several varieties hardy enough to survive our winters with protection.

Traditionally, roses are one of the first flowers you can plant. The first roses available in spring come in dormant in March and can be planted as soon as the ground thaws. If you plant early, and the low temperatures are consistently below freezing mulch your rose over its crown to protect it. Even though the rose is not growing above the ground, its roots will start growing, giving the plant an early start in your yard. Dormant roses are less expensive than 'finished' roses that have been grown in greenhouses because they require less material, energy, and labor. In late April and May Mahoney's receives 'finished' roses with leaves and usually buds that will soon flower. These plants are the definition of instant gratification.

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