Shade Tolerant Annuals

Diascia in pot

At Mahoney’s, our vast annual selection includes many part-shade to shade tolerant varieties that work great in your planting beds or containers.

Technically, an annual is defined as a plant that has completed its life cycle–from seed to plant to bloom and back to seed again–in one season. (Biennials live two years and perennials generally come back year after year.)

However, for those of us who live in cooler climates, like here in the Northeast; an annual is a plant that will bring fantastic color to the garden, but will not live out its life cycle and will not withstand the cold New England winter.

Annuals that grow in 6 or more hours of sunlight are considered full sun tolerant, grown in 4 to 6 hours are part-shade, and 4 hours or less are considered shade tolerant. All of the annuals listed below are part-shade to shade tolerant, but to avoid disappointment it’s important to understand that no annual will grow in total shade.

Delicate flowers cover mounds of foliage on this vigorous annual. Works well in containers....

Small delicate flowers; some varieties have intense blue color; this annual is available either...

Snapdragon-like pink, blue or white flowers on compact or trailing plants.

Bold red, purple, orange or white spikes of color on upright plants.

Loose clusters of red, pink, white or pale green flowers held above large leaves. 

Intricate flowers on long, terminal racemes; wide color range; upright plants; 

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