Tips for Fall Lawn Care

Tips for Fall Lawn Care

Starting in early September, the stressful heat and humidty that encourage weeds and fungus to run rampant have passed. During this time of year your lawn takes advantage of the improved conditions by increasing root growth and storing energy. There are several things that should be done in the fall to maintain a lawn's health throughout the late fall and winter.


Aerating your lawn will allow light, moisture, air and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the root system, creating healthier, stronger roots and improving drainage.


The best way to keep a full, disease and drought resistant lawn is to maintain a healthy root system. In the fall, lawns should be fertilized twice to encourage continuous root growth and good color throughout the season. Feed once in early September and then follow up with a second feeding in mid-October to encourage rooting and carbohydrate storage for winter survival.


Overseeding your lawn in the fall is one of the most effective ways of reducing weeds in the spring. By simply increasing the thickness and desity of your lawn, there is less available space for weeds to grow. It's important to use a seed with an aggressive juvenile stage so it will reach maturity before the winter.

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