Tips for Growing Perfect Annuals

Carrie planting geraniums

To get your annuals growing strong and looking their best, it helps to understand a few basics about how flowering annuals work and what they need. Here are five things to remember in order to produce a beautiful looking annual garden.

  1. Wait for the weather

    Don’t plant your annuals too soon. Most annuals cannot be planted until after the last frost.

  2. Don't skimp on soil

    You’ll need a good soil mix whether you’re planting in the ground or in a container. Annuals will grow bigger and healthier with an adequate soil blend. Try our own Garden Lover’s Premium potting soil.

  3. Feed them often

    Your annuals will need fertilizer. It is a proven fact that fertilized annuals will produce more flowers and grow to be fuller and more vibrant. You’ll want that full look sooner in your planters or window boxes. There are two types of fertilizers to use with your annuals. Use a time release granular fertilizer to ease the transition of re-potting or planting. Osmocote is a great product for such. Two to three weeks after planting, use a water-soluble fertilizer weekly to maintain the beauty of your annuals. The Neptune's Harvest Line are perfect water soluble products which are also organic.

  4. Get the light right

    Be sure to pay attention to the recommended lighting conditions for your annuals. Annuals not given enough sun will be less vibrant and lively. Annuals given too much sun can look dried up and yellow at the leaves. Be sure to read the recommended amount of sun on the tag provided.

  5. Water Wisely

    Watering is crucial. You don’t need to water everyday simply for the sake of watering. When your annuals need water, you’ll know it. Simply feel the soil to see whether or not it is damp. Pay special attention to days where the sun may be especially strong as your annuals may require more water than usual.

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