How to Plant Cold Crops in Containers

Uncle Mike demonstrates how to plant cold crops in containers. Pretty. Easy. Classy and delicious. Cold crops are veggies you plant now, that you harvest in late September through November to the first frosts, and sometimes even later. You can plant cold crops either from seed or as ready-grown plants.

Cold crops include lettuce, carrots, beets, broccoli, parsnips, turnips, bok choy and many other delicious foods.

You can plant Cold crops from seeds or from partially grown plants. Seeds take longer but are less expensive and offer more varieties. Partially grown plants are faster and can be planted later in the season, and you'll still have time to harvest before frost.

Either way, the result is great taste, a beautified yard, and the satisfaction of growing your own food.

You can plant Cold Crops in the ground or in a container. Containers look nice and work even if you don't have a formal vegetable garden.

Video by Roberto Mighty/Celestial Media